Write an episode podcast based on a topic - create a 1 hour optimise SEO podcast for {2} person 5000 line minimum. no enunciation in the script and write it in the form of a storytelling. the podcast must have a long introduction with the presentation of the presenter and the podcast. you have to remember to give long and concrete examples when you explain something and when you use percentages. here is the title of the podcast: {ai art}. The podcast script should be written in the style of “Author Name” Example Joe Rogan.

Your target language is : English

Podcast Structure

Brainstorming Ideas for podcast:

Change Style of podcast such as story telling, academic

Your task is to write a bio for an artist, band, or label from the text I give you in a concise, exciting, and detailed way in 5 sentences or a maximum of 5 paragraphs. All output should be given in English. The text to summarise is this:

Hint: Using AI audio tools for recording podcast through AI such as synthesia